iPhone hoes voor 1 dollar vanwege recessie

Bijna dagelijks verschijnen er nieuwe hoesjes voor de iPhone. De een is nog mooier en beter dan de andere. Je betaald er al gauw zo’n 30 euro voor. Maar vanwege de recessie is het soms beter om nu op je “goodies” te bezuinigen. Daar heeft Case Mate wat op bedacht: de recession case van karton voor bijna een dollar en als je ze per 10 koopt krijg je ook nog eens korting.


Je kan er ook nog een persoonlijke boodschap op laten zetten en dat is geheel gratis. Case-Mate geeft aan dat de hoesjes te koop zullen zijn zolang de ressesie duurt.


Vragen en antwoorden over de recession case kan je hieronder lezen:

Q) Is it waterproof?

A) No, so dont put it in the dishwasher

Q) Is this case flammable?

A) If you light it on fire it is

Q) Does it come assembled?

A) no, see our animated gif for a step by step demo!

Q) What device does this case support?

A) iPhone 1G + 3G + 3GS

Q) How does this case stay together?

A) It has locking tabs at the bottom and top of the case, as well as an adhesive strip to keep the case held together

Q) Can I use this case to microwave my frozen pizzas?

A) I dont see why not, although we cant insure quality taste

Q) Will this case make me awesome?

A) I think that goes without saying

Q) Is there a warranty?

A) no, it is cardboard afterall

Q) Can I get a paper cut on my ear while using this case?

A) My first guess would be no, but anything is possible, we dont promote unsafe use of the recession case

Q) How long will the case be sold?

A) as long as it needs to be to get us out of this recession! or while supplies last

Q) Does it come with a screen protector?

A) no we are in a recession!

Q) How long will the product last?

A) forever as long as you don’t destroy it!

Q) Is this case made from recycled cardboard?

A) 100% of only the best for you!

Q) Will the product scratch my device?

A) no! its cardboard not brick!

Q) Is the CM logo impressed on the case?

A) this is known as the “peoples case”

Q) Will this product be sold at case-mate retail locations?

A) Nope! The recession case is sold exclusively here at case-mate.com!