iCloud een revolutie? Steve Jobs beschreef het al in 1997

Als je denkt dat cloud computing iets nieuws is dan moeten we je helaas teleurstellen. De iCloud service die Steve Jobs morgen gaat introduceren beschreef hij min of meer ook al tijdens een Q&A sessie op het WWDC in 1997. Steve Jobs 22 jaar geleden op de World Wide Developer Conference in 1997:

“Let me describe the world I live in. About eight years ago 1 we had high-speed networking connected to our NeXT hardware. Because we were using NFS, we were able to take all of our personal data — our “home directory” we called them — off of our local machines and put them on a server. The software made that completely transparent…a professional could be hired to back up that server every night.

In the last seven years, do you know how many times I lost any personal data? Zero. Do you how many times I’ve backed up my computer? Zero.

I have computers at Apple, at Pixar, at NeXT and at home. I walk over to any of them and log in as myself. It goes over the network, finds my home directory on the server and I’ve got my stuff, where ever I am. And none of that is on a local disc. The server…is my local disc.”

Aangezien de video een uur duurt moet je even doorspoelen naar 13’35”

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LEXae1j6EY’]